Magnaflux ZL-425 (Zyglo) water basis fluorescerende penetrant

Water-Based Fluorescent Penetrant

ZL-425 is a water-based, water washable fluorescent penetrant used for finding indications in castings, forgings, extrusions and other materials with rough surfaces commonly found in automotive part applications. ZL-425 is an ideal solution when waste water produced during the inspection process is a concern for the operation. ZL-425 is water based and contains no petroleum distillates allowing it to drain directly into the sewage system depending on local regulations.

ZL-425 has been specifically developed for use within the automotive sector and can also be used in applications where traditional petroleum solvent-based penetrants may attack the surface, such as plastics. The penetrant features great rinse characteristics allowing it to be self-developing, so you may not need to use a separate developer depending on the application.

ZL-425 is designed to be environmentally sensitive while meeting industry approvals, including EN ISO 3452-2 and AMS 2644, and can be used in place of any conventional water-washable fluorescent penetrant.


  • 056C217 (25 litres)
  • 056C218 (200 litres)
  • 056C219 (1000 litres)
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Reduce environmental footprint and waste-water pollutants

  • Reduce water treatment costs and discharge waste process water directly into the sewage system (depending on local regulations) due to minimal water-based contaminants.
  • Meet or exceed local discharge regulations with low Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) levels.
  • Support a healthy environment with waterbased penetrants that have minimal occupational health and safety impacts.

Reliably speed up inspection and wash processes

  • Identify bright indications with superior sensitivity and low fluorescent background interference.
  • Increase throughput and reduce costs by eliminating the developer step of inspection processes depending on procedures and requirements.
  • Rapid rinse and post inspection washing of parts thanks to excellent washability properties, due to trade secret chemistry.