Magnaflux ZL-405 (Zyglo) waterbasis fluorescerende penetrant Level 1/2

ZL-405 is a water-based, water-washable fluorescent penetrant used for finding indications in castings, forgings, extrusions and other materials with rough surfaces commonly found in automotive part applications. ZL-405 is an ideal solution when waste water produced during the inspection process is a concern for the operation. ZL-405 is water based and contains no petroleum distillates, which may allow its rinse water to be disposed of directly into the sewage system depending on local regulations.

The penetrant features excellent rinse removability and is self-developing which means that separate developer may not be necessary depending on the application. ZL-405 is designed to be environmentally sensitive while meeting EN ISO 3452-2, and can be used in place of any conventional water-washable fluorescent penetrant.

Voldoet aan de volgende specificaties: ASTM E1135, ISO 3452-2



  • Identificeert heldere indicaties met superieure gevoeligheid en lage fluorescerende achtergrondinterferentie
  • Ideale toepassingen bij gietstukken, smeedstukken, extrusies, ruwe oppervlakken, Ferro en non-ferro
  • Ondersteun een gezonde omgeving met penetrant op waterbasis die minimale gevolgen hebben voor de gezondheid en veiligheid


  • Voldoet aan: ASTM E1135, ISO 3452-2
  • Gewicht: 200kg/1000kg
  • Pentrant type 1, level 1/2 lage gevoeligheid, Methode A


  • HS Code: 38249996


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