Magnaflux MAG 40 Serie AC+HWDC MPI bank

De MAG 40 units zijn medium-duty machines die componenten kunnen inspecteren tot maximaal 1 meter in lengte. Het is ideaal voor laag-volume testen in machinefabrieken, gereedschap kamers, gieterijen en soortgelijke plants.

  • Thyristor contolled
  • 2500 Amp uitgang
  • AC en DC halve golf
  • Roestvrij stalen tank

PN: 007E241



Magnetising current output  2500 Amps AC RMS
2500 Magamps HWDC
2500 Amps AC RMS
2500 Magamps HWDC
DC flux 20 000 ampere turn No Yes
Coil diameter 225 mm (traversing) 150 mm (clamping)
Typical duty cyle 1.5 seconds ‘ON’
15 seconds ‘OFF’
1.5 seconds ‘ON’
15 seconds ‘OFF’
Mains electiricty supply requirements 380 or 415 Volts, 50Hz, 1Ph 380 or 415 Volts, 50Hz, 1Ph
Line current draw for duration of maximum current shot 63 Amps 63 Amps
Recommended external fuse size 50 Amps 50 Amps
Mains input cable size (30 m maximum length) 16 mm² 16 mm²
Compressed airline (customer to provide regulator) Minimum 5 Bar Minimum 5 Bar
Digital metering Yes Yes
Auto sequence No Yes
Decay demag facility Yes Yes

> Brochure MAG 40 Series

> Brochure MAG 40 Series