UV-LED Zero 200-2 High Intensity Flood UV light

Prijs 3.480,00 2.350,00

  • Custom build hoge intensiteit UV Flood & handlamp
  • Hoog rendement met een laag energieverbruik
  • Compacte aluminium behuizing
  • Geen onderhoudskosten
  • Schok- en trilbestendig
UV-LED-ZERO 200-2 Custom
Part number:149.999.998
Filter:Standard Filter (industry use)
Input voltage:230V/50Hz
Operating voltage:36 V (seperate power supply)
UV source:4 x 8 UV-LED
Liftime of LEDs:ca. 10.000 h
UV-Light intensity:> 10.000 μW/cm² (at distance 400mm)
Wavellenght:365 nm
Half-width of emission:8,5 nm
Total weight ca.:3,5 kg
Measurements unit only:205x155x70 mm
Measurements overall + handle:205x155x200 mm
Risk class acc. to EM 6:II
Protection class:IP65
Irradiation area at> 1000μW/cm²:400×350 mm
White light emission rate:< 3 lx
Scope of delivery:UV-LED lamp with supply cable 3.5m, UV protective glasses
Custom build prototype, special price

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