Universele Lashoekmeter welding gauge zonder schroef

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  • Range: 0-40mm
  • Units: clamping springs

Artikelnummer: WG-402

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Artikelnummer: WG-402 Categorieën: ,

Universal Welding Gauge (without Locking Screw)

Made of stainless steel, this gauge is the same specification as the WG-401. The diffrence is the locking screw which is not present at the WG-402. There are clamping springs inside. it is very easy to stop at any position,without wringing the screw.
It can measure:

height of fillet weld bead
thickness of fillet weld
width of weld seam
height of flat weld
bevel angle of weldment
undercut depth of weld seam
gap size
Throat size
Weld length

Packed with plastic box.
Comes with manual

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