UVP J-221 Blak-Ray Ultraviolet Intensity Meter

De analoge J-221 Meter (NDT) meet de intensiteit van de UV golflengte (365 nm). De sensor heeft een gevoeligheid van 300-400 nm met een piek bij 365 nm. De J-221 meter voldoet aan de MIL STD 45.662-A en is te vinden in de MIL-I-6868 D en NSN 6635-488-5451.

The UVP J-Series Blak-Ray Ultraviolet Intensity Meters are designed to accurately measure the emissions of UV sources. Whether your application need is monitoring uniform intensity, maintaining absolute intensity minimums, or identifying gradual intensity drops, the J-221 Longwave UV Meters and the J-225 Shortwave UV Meters are designed to meet the needs of your specific application. Longwave intensity readings are made with the J-221 meter, which complies with MIL-STD-45662-A and can be found in MIL-I-6868D.


The J-Series UV intensity Meter is a photovoltaic device for measuring the intensity of UV light sources. This unit is ideal for monitoring germicidal lamp irradiance, measuring Q.C. inspection lamps, and producing accurate and repeatable measurements for critical experiments. All J-Series Meters are certified to be within UVP’s published standards and traceable to the National Bureau of Standards.

Long wave intensity readings are made with the J-221. The long wave sensor is sensitive from 300 to 400nm with a peak sensitivity at 365nm.
The J-221 is specified for many government applications and complies with government standards MIL-I-6868D and NSN-6635-488-5451.
Each unit features plug-in type sensors and two scales for low and high intensity readings. For remote readings, a 4ft (1.22m) extension cord connects the sensor to the meter. To ensure accurate measurements, an IR filter is included for measuring lamps which produce infrared radiation. Also, a reduction screen can be used to attenuate the UV for very high intensity lamp measurements.
Designed for ease of use operation, the J-Series UV Meter provides a reliable method for monitoring UV light source efficiency.

  • With two scales for low and high intensity readings
  • Measures the intensity of longwave UV (365nm). The sensor is sensitive from 300 to 400nm with a peak sensitivity at 365nm
  • For remote readings, a four foot (1.2m) cord connects the sensor to the meter
  • Two scales measure a wide range of intensity
  • An infrared filter assures accurate readings when measuring light sources producing infrared radiation
  • The 5× attenuation screen can be used for very high intensity lamp measurements
  • Meters are self-powered for maximum portability
All meters and sensors are individually serialized for traceability of calibration. Calibration is recommended every six months and is certified to meet UVP’s published standards and is traceable to NIST.

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