GM08 Gaussmeter met PC interface – digitale (rest)veldsterktemeter

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De GM08 van Hirst Magnetic Instruments is de tweede generatie microprocessor-gestuurde Gaussmeters, die digitale signaalverwerking (DSP) én analoge technieken met geavanceerde meetfuncties combineert in een gebruiksvriendelijke, menugestuurd, draagbaar apparaat. Ontworpen voor het meten van magnetische fluxdichtheid en de magnetisch veld
sterkte in SI of cgs. De GM08 kan gebruikt worden in de werkplaats, productie, voor MPI NDO inspecties op locatie of in het laboratorium en heeft een uitstekende prijs-kwaliteitverhouding.

Voor magnetische veldsterktemetingen,  AC- en DC-metingen in Tesla, A/m, A/cm, Gauss, en Oersted. Leverbaar met losse en uitwisselbare gekalibreerde probes.


Het pakket bestaat uit:

  • GM08 Gaussmeter
  • A choice of probe, axial, high sensitive or transverse
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Zero Flux Chamber
  • USB lead
  • RS232 lead
  • Hard plastic carrying case

GM08 Gaussmeter with PC interface – ideal for a wide range of applications

The GM08 is the definitive Hirst Gaussmeter. With a Transverse Hall Probe as standard, the GM08 is suited to a wide range of applications with extra features to make operation and reports even easier.

  • Widest range of measurements available from a hand-held Gaussmeter*
  • DC accuracy of better than ±0.5% standard probe and Gaussmeter
  • Thin semi-flexible transverse probe included
  • Wide range of probes available
  • Remembers previously used settings
  • USB and RS232 connections allow control from PC and easy upload of data
  • Store and upload measurements, up to 100 at a time
  • Analogue output BNC compatible
  • Dot matrix display with menu drive functions
  • Powered by 4x AA cells
  • External power connection also available
The GM08 Gaussmeter is the best device for those needing to measure magnetic field strength and magnetic flux density regularly on a daily basis, or those who just wish to take the difficulty out of reporting procedures.
With a Hirst Gaussmeter, you can rely on a product that has been developed with durability, precision and usefulness as core qualities. The GM08 is robust enough for rugged shop floors and accurate enough for laboratory use. The ability to drive the GM08 via PC also means you can use the Gaussmeter as a desktop device or quickly download or upload data with minimum hassle. With a one year guarantee and calibration certificate included, the GM08 Gaussmeter is ready to use and simple to operate.
Some example applications include:
  • Computer disk Drive Actuators
  • Loudspeaker Air Gaps
  • Electric Motor air gaps
  • Magnetic ‘strength’ testing for food industry separators
  • Spot checking magnetic field strength for Nondestructive testing (magnetic particle inspection)
  • Verifying compliance with IATA, IACO and FAA regulations on magnetism from packages to be shipped by air with AFG100 Fluxgate probe
  • Non destructive Testing (Magnetic) with Rugged Transverse Probe option TP002R
  • Goods inward and Quality Assurance Inspection
  • Magnet calibration
  • Transformer Stray Field measurements
  • Measuring 5 gauss lines for hospital based MRI (NMR) devices

GM08 Features

  • Unit Conversion – Measurements can be taken in any of the magnetic units. Saved and Held readings can be automatically converted between measurement units.
  • Remote PC control – The GM08 offers the unique ability to remote -control the Gaussmeter through a PC via USB or RS232
  • Non-Volatile memory – Any settings and recorded measurements are automatically stored to ensure that every time you switch the Gaussmeter on, it is ready to use with the same settings as previously used.
  • Holding and Storing measurements – a unique feature on the GM08 allows users to HOLD or STORE measured values. Users can set the hold or store functions in GM08 menu and press the conveniently situated button on the Hall probe to capture the reading without looking away from the area of concentration. In the STORE setting, The GM08 can record up to 100 measurements. These values can later be RECALLED, either on the Gaussmeter or via USB/RS232 with the GM08.
  • Easy reports – The GM08 has the added advantage of storing and uploading not only the measured values, polarity, measurement units and measurement function, but also the time at which the measurement was taken. Data can easily be downloaded to excel, open office spreadsheets, or to a CSV format file, taking the hassle out of creating records.
  • Battery save – The operator can disable or select various times for the automatic POWER DOWN. Power downs always give warnings, which can be stopped.
  • Zeroing – When the Gaussmeter needs to be zeroed, a zero flux chamber and instructions are provided for easy nulling. Two simple routines can reset the Gaussmeter reading to zero or relative zero to the range you are on.

GM08 Specifications

Model GMO7 & GMO8
Range 1 0.000 – ±3.000 Tesla (00.00 – ±30.00 kiloGauss)
Range 2 000.0 – ±299.9 milliTesla (0.000 – ±2.999 kiloGauss)
Range 3 00.00 – ±29.99 milliTesla (000.0 – ±299.9 kiloGauss)
Range 4 00.00 – ±2.999 milliTesla (00.00 – ±29.99 kiloGauss)
Frequency Range DC and 15 Hz to 10 kHz
Units Tesla, Gauss, Amps/m or Oersted
Functions DC,DC peak, AC RMS, AC PEAK, AC MAX
DC Accuracy Better than ±1% Probe and Gaussmeter (NPL Traceable)
Reproducibility ±0.5%
Averaging time contact 100 milliseconds
Display Sampling rate 3 readings per second
Display Dot Matrix Graphics LCD
Memory type Non-volatile
Temperature coefficient Better than ±0,1 % of reading/°C including probe
Battery Type 4 x AA cells Longife 1,5V Alkaline
– Operating 0°C – 50°C (30°F + 125°F)
– Storage 20°C – 70°C (70°F + 150°F)
– Length: 175 mm (6.9 in)
– Width; 89 mm (3.5 in)
– Height: 40 mm (1;6 in)
(not including probe) 430 g (15 oz)


A calibration certificate, traceable to NPL (National Physical Laboratory – UK NIM) standards, is supplied with the unit. Annual calibration is supported

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