Vacuümbox – Buitenhoek boven 6/8

This vacuum seam test system is equipped with highly transparent and stable test bells and is available in varied shapes and sizes and has a vacuum nanometer. One of the two handy grips has integrated ventilation and a valve ensures quick reduction in vacuum. All standard bells can test places found in receptacles or in seal. An extraordinarily elastic packing permits testing of rectangular areas with possibility of certain deviations from squareness. In case of minor unevenness of the edges the test bell must be pressed harder to build up a vacuum.

Special test bells need to be used when geometry of an area is considerably different from a rectangle. In such cases a detailed drawing of the area is required to make special testing bells. A dry-running compressor or a vacuum pump with vacuum connection is needed to generate vacuum and a vacuum control valve is used, and is connected with a 10m long fabric-reinforced PVC hose with a bayonet coupling and quick release coupling to the respective test bell.


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