Vacuümbox – Binnenhoek boven 5/8

The vacuum seam test unit has extremely translucent and steady test bells that are obtainable in various forms and dimensions, with a vacuum manomter.

The aeration is incorporated in either of the two useful grips. This valve guarantees rapid lessening of the vacuum. With the help of the exposed typical test bells, it is easy to test all areas that could typically be found in receptables or in the seal.

Due to the amazingly expandable packing, the analysis of rectangular spaces is also likely in case of a few divergences from squaring. Testing is not obstructed by a negligible unevenness of the tips.

In certain situations, the test bell should be pushed harder to put up up a vacuum. If the geometry of the region to be tested in significantly dissimilar to a rectangular space, testing is probable by utilizing unique test bells


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