VersaSonic Fluid (Echo ultrasonics) Range: -23° to 371°C

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VersaSonic® is the most versatile couplant, from high temperature to turbine rotors to extreme weather inspections.  VersaSonic is a low-toxicity, biodegradable couplant that does NOT contain peanut oil.

VersaSonic has a broad operating range of -10 to 700°F (-23 to 371°C).


  • VS-1-F (fluid) 1 gal / 3.8 liter rigid container
  • VS-5-F (fluid) 5 gal / 18.9 liter rigid container, dispensing tap
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Instantaneous ultrasonic response (does not contain plastic powders which delay ultrasonic conduction).

Multiple viscosities covering flaw, corrosion mapping and thickness gaging at high and low temperatures and in mud, snow and rain.

Ambient and low temperature coupling where corrosion inhibition is critical.

Excellent corrosion inhibitor. Provides non-toxic, superior, long-term corrosion inhibition for steel and cast iron and is compatible with other metals and most plastics. VersaSonic may be left in place unless it will interfere with subsequent manufacturing operations such as painting or electroplating.

Low environmental impact. Contains no perfluorocarbons, silicones, peanut or tree nut oils.

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> VersaSonic Brochure (pdf)
> VersaSonic Safety Data Sheet (pdf)