UVA+B Light Irradiance Meter

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Use to assess personal exposure limits to reflected UV light, in conjunction with maximum permissible UV light exposure times for unprotected skin and eyes supplied with our equipment.

  • NIST Traceable Accuracy
  • Simple, accurate UV light measurements in the wavelength range 280 nm – 400 nm
  • Measurement range 0 – 199.9 mW/cm
  • Compact, Handheld, and Durable
  • Simple Single-Button Operation

* Not suitable for AC7114 measurements

  • Battery operated with LCD display
  • Carrying case
  • 128 gr
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UV light measurement applications

  • Monitoring drop off of UV light irradiance during the operating life of UV bulbs and tubes
  • Determination of UV light transmission (%) of transparent materials such as glass, plastic and window tinting film
  • Checking comparative performance of UV blocking guards, screens, clothing and eye/face protection
  • Natural sunlight measurements
  • Leak checking UV light cabinets, conveyors and systems
 Measurement unitmW/cm2
 UV spectral response280 nm – 400 nm
Peak response370 nm
UV light irradiance measuring range0 – 199.9 mW/cm2
Display graduation0.1 mW/cm2
Display3.5 digit LCD
Dimensions105 mm x 60 mm x 23 mm
Weight128 g
Operating temperature range0 oC – 37 oC
Operating humidity5 – 80 & RH
Power supply9 V battery
SensorGaAsP photodiode
Accuracy+ / – 10 % Ref NIST
Calibration interval6 – 12 months depending on usage